Do Tinder Bots Dream of Electric Toys? How Tinder Bots are breaking hearts all over the world, and trashing Tinder’s reputation while they’re at it.


Tinder. The Final Frontier. Pick gorgeous (or not so gorgeous) members of your desired sex with the tip of your finger, at the comfort of your sofa, your bed, and let’s admit it - your toilet seat…

Research shows that there are 50 million active users on Tinder, who check their accounts 11 times per day and spend an average of 90 minutes per day on the app. Even celebrities, it seems. [Marie Claire]

In the name of Science, I decided to sacrifice myself and delve into the world of Tinder Dating. At first, I was detecting patterns in photos, in poses, in language and in attitude, all over the world! But suddenly something else showed up on my radar: Bots. And not just one - I was being surrounded. Imagine the heartbreak of matching 7 gorgeous women in a Scandinavian capital, only to discover that not only were they in reality bots, but they actually had an agenda!

In this talk I’ll describe the research, how I came to discover that Bots were not an isolated case, and how I uncovered the pattern behind generating the profiles. I’ll also break down the infrastructure behind the operation, and show who’s behind a campaign that spawned over multiple countries and continents. I’ll give multiple examples, from Tinder as well as from other platforms, of how bots operate under the radar of the site owners and carry out their agenda.

Inbar (@inbarraz) has been teaching and lecturing about Internet Security and Reverse Engineering for nearly as long as he has been doing that himself. He started programming at the age of 9 on his Dragon 64. At 13 he got a PC, and promptly started Reverse Engineering at the age of 14. Through high-school he was a key figure in the Israeli BBS scene. He spent most of his career in the Internet and Data Security field, and the only reason he’s not in jail right now is because he chose the right side of the law at an early age.
Inbar specializes in outside-the-box approach to analyzing security and finding vulnerabilities. From late 2011 to late 2014 he was running the Malware and Security Research at Check Point, using his extensive experience of over 20 years in the Internet and Data security fields. He has presented at a number of conferences, including Kaspersky SAS,, CCC, Virus Bulletin, ZeroNights, ShowMeCon, several Law Enforcement events and Check Point events.
These days, Inbar is performing fascinating research on Bots and Automated Attacks at PerimeterX, and educating both customers and the public about the subjects.

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