Introducing YOGA: Your OSINT Graphical Analyzer

Micah Hoffman

"If you have ever performed reconnaissance on a target or conducted an OSINT investigation you know that there are a huge number of places to gather OSINT data. One of the biggest challenges is in taking the next steps with that data once you have it. How do you take what you have and transform use it to get more? For instance, if you found email addresses, where do you search to find other data about those accounts? We have excellent resources such as and that are huge lists of well-organized bookmarks which can be overwhelming. That is why I created YOGA.

Your OSINT Graphical Analyzer (YOGA) seeks to answer that most-common of data-gathering questions, ""What do I do now?"" It is designed to help when you have one type of data and need to know different actions you can take to get more data. Come to this session and learn how you and your team can use and extend this online tool in your work."

Micah Hoffman

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Venue for DEF CON 27:
Talks: Celebrity 5
InfoBooth and CTF: Contest Area
Planet Hollywood
Las Vegas.

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