Burner Phone Challenge

Dakota Nelson

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Once upon a time, I saw this tweet from Kenneth Lipp: https://twitter.com/kennethlipp/status/848566661384990722. In summary, the tweet is about an AT&T program available to law enforcement meant to make burner phones meaningless. Even if someone switches phones, if their pattern of behavior (both in terms of contacts and call locations) stays the same or similar, AT&T can determine that it’s the same person simply using a new phone.

This seems like a great teaching opportunity! Attendees at this workshop will build the same analytics as AT&T does, using Python on some “phone metadata” created just for you to play with. You’ll be able to find burner phones in the mess, and hopefully learn some fun network analysis, machine learning, and Python programming skills along the way!

Dakota Nelson (@jerkota)

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Venue for DEF CON 27:
Talks: Celebrity 5
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Planet Hollywood
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