Stalker In A Haystack


In 2015, I did a Skytalk called “Automate Your Stalking”. In that talk, I used Twitter to follow my Target’s followers in an effort to monitor the target without following them directly and arousing suspicion. I’m the end, I felt like I released a method that may be dangerous in the hands of the wrong people. Now, “Stalker In A Haystack” is the antidote to my first talk.

I will be putting the power back into the hands of the people who need it. In this talk, I will demonstrate how you can determine if you are being monitored via Twitter, and by who. Isn’t it suspicious when that one handle is following everyone but you? What does that mean? Stalkers can hide in your sea of followers, and the aim of this talk is to uncover those who lie in the shadows.


Quick Info

Venue for DEF CON 27:
Talks: Celebrity 5
InfoBooth and CTF: Contest Area
Planet Hollywood
Las Vegas.

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