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Recon Village

An Open Space with Talks, Live Demos, Workshops, Discussions, CTFs with a common focus on Reconnaissance.


Talks / Demos / Workshops

Talks for Recon Village - DEFCON 27 have been shortlisted.
Can't wait to see the list of awesome speakers? Go to the Talks/Schedule page.


Capture The Flag and HackAThon

Like every year, we are busy creating some fun, competetive and challenging, Jeopardy Style CTF for you. Stay tuned for more information on our contests.


Call For Volunteers

As you know, no community event can be a success without a help from the community itself. We will need volunteers to make it happen. Our Call for Volunteers is OPEN.

Quick Info

Venue for DEF CON 27:
Talks: Celebrity 5
InfoBooth and CTF: Contest Area
Planet Hollywood
Las Vegas.

Got a question?
DM @reconvillage or Drop an email to [email protected]

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