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We are a group of passionate folks who, despite our leadership and managerial roles, still love to get our hands dirty with tech stuff and enjoy meeting & networking with people with similar mindsets.

We all are passionate about Reconnaissance and Open Source Intelligence, and with Recon Village, we are trying our best to raise awareness about these areas. We all volunteer together to pull this Recon-focused event and try to give enthusiast people a platform to come, speak, participate, and learn new skills. While a lot of volunteers and speakers worked hard to make Recon Village a success every year, below is the core team which is responsible if things go wrong.

Note: We are always looking for more contributors and volunteers. If you think you can give us a hand, please reach out to us.

Become A Sponsor

  • Are you an avid enthusiast of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and Reconnaissance, eager to contribute to the Recon and OSINT community?

  • Does your organization prioritize external security and reconnaissance efforts, seeking to establish its name within the esteemed Recon/OSINT community?

  • Is your organization involved in Threat Intelligence, Attack Surface Management, Bug Bounty programs, Brand Monitoring, Due Diligence, or OSINT, and interested in showcasing its support for the Recon & OSINT Community?

Our Past Sponsors

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