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Leakonomics 101: The Last Year in Data Leaks

11 Aug 2023

Comprehensive Talk

Leakonomics 101: The Last Year in Data Leaks

Nick Ascoli


Data leaks have become an omnipresent concern in our digital landscape, demanding an understanding of their anatomy and the evolving trends that shape this realm. Join us at the Recon Village as we embark on a journey through the past year's data leaks, exploring their causes, consequences, and impact on organizations and the criminal underworld.

We will dissect the anatomy of data leaks, examining vectors such as misconfigured cloud resources, insider threats, third-party vulns, and cybercrime group in-fighting. Through real-world case studies of the last year, including the Luxottica leak, the Toyota incident, the RAID forums leak, we will identify the common patterns and vulnerabilities that pave the way for breaches. Understanding the fallout from these breaches is crucial. We will analyze the consequences beyond financial and reputational damage, including the impact on customers and the broader ecosystem.

No discussion of data leaks would be complete without exploring the criminal underworld. We will talk about where stolen data is sold and exchanged, drawing insights from recent posts on various cybercrime forums.

Lastly, we will provide a panoramic view of the trends observed in the past year's data leaks. The increasing volume of cloud-based attacks, the persistence of legacy vulnerabilities, and the evolving tactics employed by cybercriminals will be explored. By understanding these trends, organizations can proactively adapt their security measures to counter emerging threats.

Join us in this captivating talk as we navigate through Leakonomics 101: The Last Year in Data Leaks.

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