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Mastering OSINT: Advanced Techniques in the Realm of Big Data

11 Aug 2023

Comprehensive Talk

Mastering OSINT: Advanced Techniques in the Realm of Big Data



In the session titled "Mastering OSINT: Advanced Techniques in the Realm of Big Data," I will provide a deep dive into the intricacies of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Big Data. Leveraging my extensive experience in the field, this presentation will elucidate the techniques, tools, and challenges in deploying OSINT methodologies in the context of Big Data.

As an expert with years of practical experience in OSINT and Big Data analysis, I have a rich understanding of the possibilities and complexities that both these fields present. I will share this knowledge and experiences to help others more effectively navigate this exciting yet challenging landscape.

The discussion will commence with an introduction to OSINT, including its origins, utility, and implications within the contemporary digital arena. This will lead us to the vast and complex realm of Big Data, where we'll understand its significance, challenges, and the role it plays in improving the efficacy of OSINT.

A detailed overview of Google BigQuery will be provided, exploring how this powerful tool can be used for managing and analyzing big data. I will delve into its features, advantages, use-cases, and practical examples demonstrating how it can help in OSINT.

I will also discuss other key resources such as CommonCrawl, which provides web crawl data, and Rapid7 Open-Data, a goldmine for security research. I will elucidate how these datasets can be harnessed for comprehensive analysis and deriving actionable intelligence.

The section on Passive Search will cover various methods and best practices, with a special focus on how to leverage this technique in the context of Big Data. Finally, I will talk about Internet Search Engines' pivotal role in OSINT and how to extract maximum value from them.

What sets this presentation apart is not only the comprehensiveness of the coverage but also the practical, hands-on approach, featuring real-world examples and demonstrative scenarios. It promises to be an enlightening session for anyone interested in advanced OSINT techniques and the potential of Big Data.

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