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Code of Conduct


The Recon Village is dedicated to fostering a space that provides education and community engagement for anyone interested in application security at DEF CON. We believe that security is most effective when developed in an open forum that welcomes diverse views, methodologies, and thoughts. To achieve this, we uphold a culture free of harassment and bullying.

All attendees, volunteers, and organizers of the Recon Village are required to adhere to both the Recon Village Code of Conduct and the DEF CON Code of Conduct.

Expected Behavior

The Recon Village serves a diverse community. We support individuals from various national backgrounds, ages, genders, orientations, ethnicities, religions, political views, and experience levels.


In our spaces, both physical and virtual, you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that is welcoming, respectful, and appropriate for all individuals.

While we encourage constructive disagreement, harassment, abusive language, exclusionary or demeaning jokes, bullying, or threats of any kind are strictly prohibited.


  • Harassment is any behavior perceived as causing offense or humiliation to another person. This includes name-calling, demeaning questions, persistent disruption, stalking, or any activity intended to cause offense, fear, or humiliation. The victim has the right to define what they find demeaning.

  • Exclusionary jokes are jokes that objectify or demean individuals or groups based on their national background, age, gender, orientation, ethnicity, religion, political views, or experience levels.

  • Bullying is coercive behavior intended to harm or intimidate. This includes physical or virtual intimidation, repeated harassment, and unwanted "joking."

  • Threats can be explicit or implicit and may target someone's career, physical safety, mental health, or other personal aspects.


If any community member requests that objectionable behavior cease, it must stop immediately.

Organizers may take any necessary action to address violations of the Code of Conduct, including disqualification from contests, temporary or permanent bans from any talk, workshop, roundtable, or the Recon Village as a whole. Immediate bans will be enforced for threats.

Contact an Organizer
For questions regarding the Code of Conduct, please email or DM Recon Village directly on Twitter at @reconvillage.

To report violations in person, ask any volunteer to introduce you to an organizer. To report violations virtually, email or DM any Recon Village staff member on Discord.

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