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An Introduction to Graph Theory for OSINT

28 Jul 2017

Comprehensive Talk

An Introduction to Graph Theory for OSINT

Andrew Hay


This session aims to gently introduce graph theory and the applied use of graphs for people who, like the speaker, consider themselves lacking the often perceived advanced math, science, and computer programming knowledge needed to harness their power.

The session will include live attendee interaction to help explain the general concepts of graph theory in a safe and inclusive way that should help solidify basic knowledge. Once everyone understands what a graph can be used for we will discuss its applied use with several use cases including the tracking of security threats, construction of attacker profiles, and even using graphs to better understand organizational risk based the introduction of new tools, processes, or legal requirements.

Attendees may not leave with a Ph.D. but they’ll certainly walk away with a firm understanding of graph theory and how to construct, deploy, and maintain graphs for security and compliance initiatives within their organization.

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