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Crushing crumbs of information to eat a whole cake.

11 Aug 2023

Comprehensive Talk

Crushing crumbs of information to eat a whole cake.

Felipe Pr0teus


Public service websites, including government websites, can inadvertently leak small pieces of information about a target, sometimes just parts of email addresses, the mother's name, year of birth, or parts of phone numbers. While these leaks may seem insignificant individually, these crumbs of data when pieced together are valuable to the open source intelligence (OSINT) community, they can help narrow the scope of a search or increase the knowledge we have about a target. These partial data points can be combined with other available information to reveal the full details of a target. In this talk, I will show some examples in Brazil, where with little or no information we managed to expand the knowledge about a target in addition to demonstrating a tool in beta to help with this task.

Outline (Not go public with this please)

Introduction about the problem(10 min):

What do you know about the target?

What you can get to know about the target with the information that you already have?

Scattered crumbs of information around websites and public services.

My approach to the problem given the Brazilian context (15min):

Catalog and graph basic information.

Plot a graph and find patterns.

Figure out the minimum amount of information that you need to know to get more info about your target.

Demo tool (5min)

Roadmap for the tool (3min)

Conclusion (2 min)

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