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From email address to phone number

10 Aug 2019

Lightening Talk

From email address to phone number

Martin Vigo


Email addresses are one of our most public piece of PII. We are confortable sharing it with strangers, publishing it on the internet and it is generally our public way of communicating.


 However, when it comes to phone numbers things change. We are more selective with who we share it with, mostly because receiving unsolicited phone calls is much more invasive. There are also security implications when making your phone number publicly available. SS7 attacks, SIM swapping, phishing and scam calls are just a few of the threats that originate from the target’s phone number.


 What if it were possible to obtain someone’s phone number by only knowing their email address? Beyond the criminal advantage, it could be very useful to investigators, red teams and OSINT lovers.


 In this talk, I will discuss techniques which when combined will let you discover someone’s phone number via their email address. I will also demo and release a tool that helps automate the process.

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