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Manhunting 101 - OSINT Crash Course vs Human Targets

10 Aug 2019


Manhunting 101 - OSINT Crash Course vs Human Targets

Jason Edison


This workshop is primarily aimed at those new to Open-Source Intelligence but will also be useful for experienced practitioners interested in bolstering their skills and tools against human targets. Our goal will be to, in just two hours, give attendees a solid set of tools and a repeatable workflow.

 This workshop is not about automation or “tricks” to wow your friends. This is a roll up your sleeves and profile a human target in a very manual fashion approach. These are foundational skills and understandings that are dependable, repeatable, and articulable. We start with a target name, handle, or account and end with a verifiable report of findings that will stand on its own when received by a client, court, or colleague.

 Although we will look at some of the new and most useful resources available, this session is process focused as the specific tools change rapidly. Every step is demonstrated live on real world targets. Demonstrations include social media, phone number, moniker, and real-name based targets.

 Seasoned researchers will not see much new in the tools used, but they may benefit from a different perspective when it comes to investigative approach and workflow. The bulk of the session is live demonstration followed by a short Q&A opportunity. All attendees will be provided with information regarding further study as well as some targets as homework should want some practice reps.

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