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OSINT Approach in Big-Data

9 Aug 2019

Lightening Talk

OSINT Approach in Big-Data

Seyfullah KILIÇ


With OSINT techniques, doing cyber intelligence against a target,

 besides some technical terms like people, links, files, domains and ip addresses;

 hashes and URL's can also be searched.


 In this talk, with the advanced OSINT techniques and approach, terabytes will be used in open data (CommonCrawl), the websites which use the known malicious javascript filenames, codes and iframe resources will be explored and which techniques, methodology and data-set will be used.

 With the help of docker containers and Compute Instances on Google Cloud,

 files to be analyzed will be downloaded and I will try to catch websites containing malicious code inside their html content using YaraRules and some special patterns.

 In this way, by analyzing open data with OSINT techniques,

 I will reveal sites that contain malicious code seen in the past.

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