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Phonerator, an advanced *valid* phone number generator for your OSINT/SE needs

13 Aug 2022

Tool Demo

Phonerator, an advanced *valid* phone number generator for your OSINT/SE needs

Martin Vigo


Couple years ago at DEF CON‘s Recon Village, I introduced a new OSINT technique to obtain a target’s phone number by just knowing the email address and published the tool "email2phonenumber" which automates the entire process. email2phonenumber, among other things, generates possible phone numbers for the target based on the Phone Numbering Plan of the target's country.


This year, I am introducing "Phonerator", a web-based tool to search, filter and generate valid phone number lists. Taking the phone number generation process of email2phonenumber to the next level, Phonerator allows you to provide only a few known digits of your target's phone number and start creating lists of possible (and valid) numbers. You don't have any intel on your target's phone number but know which carrier he uses, area he lives in, date when he started using the number? Phonerator can take in all those pieces of information and help you narrow down possible phone numbers.

Phonerator is also a great tool for discovery and research. Want to find obscure and unknown carriers together with the phone numbers assigned to them for your wardialing needs? Phonerator can help. Want to abuse "Contact Discovery" to find in which websites your target is registered? Phonerator can export your curated list of numbers in vCard format to easily import to your test devices. Join this talk if you are an OSINT lover, SE professional, phreaker or just curious about how phone numbers get assigned and how you can profit from it.

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