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The Richest Phisherman in Colombia

13 Aug 2022

Tool Talk

The Richest Phisherman in Colombia

Nick Ascoli


Adversaries have increasingly been leveraging completely legitimate 3rd party web hosting products to circumvent traditional domain reputation analysis engines, and successfully get their phishing pages in front of their victims. Using these third party services also offers them a great opportunity to limit the exposure of their own infrastructure, offering a great OPSEC advantage. However, in one investigation, a few breadcrumbs left in the adversaries code led us down a rabbit hole to slowly uncovering the person behind what is perhaps the largest Facebook credential harvesting campaign ever investigated, reported by cybersecurity blogs and news media worldwide in mid June of 2022.

In this talk, we will follow the breadcrumb trail left by a threat actor, demonstrating how we pieced together the shocking scale of their credential harvesting and malversating operation. From comments in their code, to their various online identities, to accessing their infrastructure - we will walk through our investigation into a wanted Colombian Cyber Criminal, and demonstrate how recon can be used against adversaries

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